Master’s in Data Science in Italy: discover Bologna Business School

Big data analytics is the new lifeblood of today’s business world. The proliferation of the internet and digital transformation have deluged businesses with data. This data need to constantly be examined and interpreted. That’s when big data analytics comes into play, all that data can help businesses better serve their customers, increase profits, and minimise waste.

Bologna Business School┬ástudents get the chance to study Big Data and earn a Master’s in Data Science. An MBA in Italy is beneficial because it allows students to get acquainted with the world of international business. Students at Bologna are from all over the world, each providing a unique perspective on business.

Why Study Big Data?

big-data-managementBusinesses need big data, they need to know who their customers are, what they buying, when they are buying, and how they pay for these things. The digital transformation of the business world made it possible for businesses to have customers from all over the world. Each customer and each transaction mean a whole new set of data points that needs to be analysed.

But, there is more to big data than just analysing numbers. Those numbers represent information and good data scientists need to be able to explain the data. They need to be able to say why the information is important and explain how companies can leverage the information against their competition.

The Benefits of An MBA in Italy

For centuries, Italy has been a major commercial center for Europe. Companies from all over the world do business in the country and they send their best executives to do the work. This provides students earning a Master’s in Data Science the opportunity to see how the skills they’re learning can be applied throughout the world. They have a unique opportunity to be mentored by experienced international executives.

Italy is also rich in history and the arts. During off days, students can expand their understanding of the arts and music first hand. Italy has some of the greatest pieces of art in the world, along with great symphonies and concert venues.

The Bologna School of Business is part of the oldest University in the western world. The University of Bologna is a premier educational institution for students from all over the world. There are over 40 programs offered, with students from over 80 countries. The full-time program takes 12 months to complete and instruction is in English.

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